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In India, lots of demand is there due to lots of interest of peoples in the gold. And we have observed one more thing that it will not reduce in the coming age as people always love to have gold and wear it so the people will never leave to buy the gold and gold items. Due to its demand, we have become the second largest country who consumes the gold by so much optimum level after the country china which is also the biggest country in population as per the recent survey made over some of the websites and the world gold council too. This is also a record in Indian market that here lots of gold consumed in making the jewellery and other items like ring, chain, necklace etc. whereas in the other countries it is mainly used as investment propose only and they buy biscuits and other things only. We alone raise the consumption by 13% in the matter of Gold. And we are alone famous for the consumption of gold in jewellery which makes a hot topic in India and we always look for some gold rate today here on this page just take a look for gold price today.