Today gold price in Surat is 5,230.00 rupees per gram.

Live Gold Spot Prices in surat, (24 hours). Last updated on 2022-05-26

Gold Price Today
Per Ounce ₹1,48,267.89
Per Gram ₹5,230.00
Per Kilo ₹52,30,000.00

Gold Price in surat Today

LIVE Gold price rates in India, City: Surat

  • 22k Carat Gold Price: ₹ 47,950
  • 24k Carat Gold Price: ₹ 52,300

Price are real and live gold prices in Surat. Providing you with the up-to-date live price in 22k and 24 Karat Gold. 24 karat gold in Surat is known as the pure form of Gold in indian, Surat, but this form can’t be used in forming the jewellery so normally the jewelers mix some of the base metals in this pure form to make it little harder and giving it a proper shape.

Gold Ring

Gold rings in surat are popular. Check out the price of gold in surat to understand the type of gold ring that could be produced and the design. The gold rings manufactured can be with 22 or 24 Karat gold. Prices are fluctuate accordingly: ₹ 47,950 for 22 Karat gold and ₹ 52,300 for 24 Karat gold.

how to invest in gold

There are many ways to invest oin gold in surat. You have to be weary on the quality of the gold in surat, as well as the mixture of metals they use. Gold price in surat is ₹ 47,950 for 22 Karat gold and ₹ 52,300 for 24 Karat gold. In order to know how to invest in gold in surat, you will need to know the type and weight.

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